Honda Cub Moto

For a long time mankind had an obsession to the internal combustion engine with its limitations of form and package layout but in the future hydrogen based motocycles will be something ordinary:

“I’ve based this concept around the Honda Cub, which has been around for decades and is still very popular on the continent with locals and tourists alike. The Cub is very practical but this concept takes it to a new level, with a provocative image and being environmentally responsible, the new Cub should appeal to young city professionals and the young trendy market in general.”


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3 Responses to “Honda Cub Moto”

  1. I know this is just a concept design probably rendered in solidworks, but I have to admit it looks very appealing. Although I can’t imagine where you would place your feet. How does it stear? For that matter how is the front wheel connected?

  2. doh says:

    That’s a stupid concept. Nowhere to put your feet. No storage options front wheel is magic, no indicators no lights no place for fuel, no suspension I mean c’mon?!? Please give the artist a good beating. A concept needs to show at least some hint of viability

  3. Good website.i love this post.Thank you

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