The most customizable watch in the world

The Meaning of Time is probably the most customizable watch that you can find. When you buy it you get just the engine mechanism to keep time.

Feel free to add the hour and minute hands what you can think of as long as it fits through the holes. Maybe some pencils or some plastic hands? A little flower? Neon tubes? Let your imagination fly!

The designer of this brilliant clock concept is Bomi Kim.





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5 Responses to “The most customizable watch in the world”

  1. jimbo says:

    This is a clock, not a watch.

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  3. SakuyasLove says:

    Wow, it is amazing on how simple this concept is versus how bad ass it is! I will have to look up price!!!

  4. Interioridea says:

    Wow this is really nice. I’ll totally buy this.

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