How will the watches look like by the year 2154

Keeping time is something we all like to do and future has always fascinated human mind. Every day we wonder how the daily gadgets of today will look in the future.

So… One & Co in collaboration with Timex have designed the watches that they imagine will exist by the year 2154.

1. “The Memory Watch allows the user to visually relive an experience on their wrist. The watch is wirelessly connected to a databank that compiles images from the surrounding digital ecosystem.


2. “The Life Index watch monitors the wearer’s remaining life time by constantly updating biometric data through the skin. The watch processes information about: fitness, stress, nutrition, sleep and environment.”


3. The Epidigital Patch leaves the user with an animated topographic time-keeping image on the skin. The patch is impregnated with nanobots that are absorbed into the basal layer of the epidermis and interact to create the ever-changing surface graphics. Composed entirely of organic matter, the nanobots dissolve after several days at which point a new patch can be applied.


4. The Floating Watch uses proximity sensors and the metallic content in the blood to hover around the wrist, eliminating all physical contact. The timeline is displayed as a continuum around the perimeter of the bracelet and automatically orients the display toward the user independent of arm orientation.


5. The Hologram Watch displays an image in the negative space of the bracelet when the user flicks their wrist. As the time is displayed only when desired, the watch becomes a simple, elegant piece of jewelery.


So…which one do you like?

[via One & Co ]

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3 Responses to “How will the watches look like by the year 2154”

  1. tennisaddict says:

    this is so ridiculous… more like here are the watches coming out for 2010. Dude, watches over a hundred years from now wont have mass. What kind of a loser is going to weigh themselves down with a “wrist strap.” ROFL. We won’t even use watches. Hold on, what time is it? Oh.. weight… let me check my portable sundial.

  2. idiotslayer says:

    That last guy is a complete pleb, how the fuck does he know whether watches will have mass/weight in the year 2145, he ain’t no time traveller, the fecking idiot. I don’t think he actually read the post tbh!

  3. idiotslayer says:

    its jewellery and a holographic time display, not a fucking strap you fucking tennisaddict idiot

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