Solar forest parking lot

Because electric vehicle use is rising every year, Neville Mars has conceived an incredible charging station that takes the form of solar trees. The ‘solar forest’ serves as a source for clean renewable energy and offers shade for the parked cars while they charge.

“Each of the trees in Neville Mars’s solar forest is composed of a set of photovoltaic leaves mounted on an elegantly branching poll. The base of each trunk features an power outlet that can be used to juice up your eco ride as you run errands.”

The idea is amazing but I guess this parking lots are not going to be common in every city really soon because in most places electric cars are a luxury.








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  1. shubham says:

    very informative post i loved that!!!!!

  2. Joanne Gauthier says:

    Hi Joanne, saw this on a website for parking lots…..we need to build some solar trees in P4!

  3. ace parking says:

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    Solar forest parking lot | Home Design…

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