5 Tips for Using Photographs as Home Decoration

Guest post by Tom

Depending on how they’re used, photographs can have either minimal or maximum visual appeal as home decorations. There are five proven tips on how to best use photographs to enhance any home.

1. Coordinate and Contrast Colors


Certain colors, either by themselves or interspersed in patterns and designs with other colors, can have a mesmerizing affect on the human eye. Inside a home, even several black and white photos can create a powerful look if the emotions they evoke create feelings of love, hurt, or pleasure. One of the best tips to evoke the most memorable impression is to start by gathering an assortment of photographs that have the same colors in them and hanging them on a wall with a contrasting pattern. A homeowner can arrange several all red photos against a blue wall and a group of gold photos on a white wall. There should be experimentation with different color patterns and designs as well in a similar fashion. After a few experiments with the different colors, a homeowner will soon be able to see which coordinated and contrasting combinations make for the most attractive visual appeal.

2. Utilize Similar Sizes


When placing pictures on a wall, the human eye is much more attracted to photographs of similar dimensions as opposed to a large one positioned right next to a small one. Walls should act as a balancing act when mounting similar sized photos. But photographs need to be big enough to be able to be clearly seen by a guest of the house or by the homeowner himself. Just because a person has ten teeny sized photos to hang up doesn’t mean they’ll make a great impression. So stick to reasonable sizes as well as comparable sizes for best impact. Some people also enjoy sticking to the same colored frames for each photo but this definitely is not mandatory when using the same sizes.

3. Hang Above Furniture


All photographs are desired to be seen, so they should never be mounted on walls positioned behind the backs of sofas, chairs, lamps, or tall indoor trees. A good rule of thumb is to hang them eight inches at least above the tallest pieces of furniture. This way, they can be seen by anyone strolling through the house or even sitting down in a chair or on a couch. Some people are in such a rush to put their cherished and beloved photographs on their walls that they forget how easily some of their interior decor could block their view.

4. Different Shaped Frames


A highly effective tip for decorating a home using photographs involves purchasing different shaped frames and trimming the photos to fit. Don’t just stick to the standard and often dull rectangular shaped frames. Mix in some ovals, circles, triangles, hexagons and octagons. This interspersing of shapes will give a startling and dramatic look and appeal to the photographs, no matter what their subjects are. These different shapes don’t just have to be used on walls. They can be easily and beautifully set on end tables or even used as centerpieces of longer sized household tables or bedroom furniture. And try some frames made out of pine, oak, mahogany, as well as aluminum, silver, and chrome for the best mix.

5. Achieve Balanced Look


One main goal in utilizing photographs in a home is to not clutter up any particular room with so many photographs that the only thing a person sees when he walks in are the photos. It’s essential to not go overboard and try to convey a balanced look. This can be done as easily as hanging a very large framed photograph in the center of a long wall and using that as the balance point and not putting any other photos on that one wall at all. The balanced look can also be achieved by hanging up photos in a straight horizontal or vertical line. A well arranged diagonal line of photos will also work well to convey the sense of balance and uniformity. The same goes for table mounted photos and their frames. Don’t close up every single inch of every table with as many photos as possible. Less is definitely more here.

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