8 Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Room Clean

Guest post by Tom

Does your kids’ rooms look like a bomb just went off inside of it? Do you constantly struggle with trying to keep the rooms clean? Here are ten tips to making sure the rooms are always clean and organized – and getting the kids help, too.

1. They Can’t Put It Away If There’s No Place For It To Go


Look around the room. If there are no shelves or bins, then the toys have no home. One of the biggest reasons a kid’s room is messy is because it’s overflowing with stuff and there’s no place to put it. There are many different storage options available that don’t cost a lot of money. Whether it’s milk crates in the corner or a few 2x4s installed on the wall, there are inexpensive ways of adding storage to an overcrowded room.

2. Have A Yard Sale


How much stuff is in your kid’s room that they don’t even play with anymore? Sort through it (or make them do it) and make a pile. You will be surprised at how much you have. If they’re not using it, then it’s not doing you (or them) any good. Put out a few signs around your neighborhood and set it all out on the driveway. You can use the proceeds on some new storage units or anything else.

3. Offer An Incentive


If a child knows that they’ll get a few dollars at the end of the week for keeping the room clean, then they will likely assist with keeping the bed made and everything put away. While it might seem like bribery (and it is) it is also very effective. If you don’t want to give away money, make it access to family movie night or something else that will motivate the kids.

4. Use The Closet


This doesn’t mean shoving everything inside and praying the door stays shut, but really utilizing it. Take everything out of it and look at what’s left. Are there drawers? Hangers? Shelves? If not, install them so that the closet can be used to its fullest potential. If they are in place, teach your children how to use them. This can be a great way to make sure clothes are off the floor and put away once they are clean.

5. Look Under The Bed


While it might sound like a scary possibility at first, if there is room for stuff under there, it’s actually a good thing. There are many different plastic containers that are designed to go under the bed for storage. Many are very inexpensive and some have wheels and lids, too. So whether you choose to make it for comic books, dolls or extra clothes, using the bed (properly) can be a great way to keeping the room clean.

6. Set Up A “No Food” Rule


If no food is allowed in the bedroom, then you don’t have crumbs or stains to clean up after. This will avoid any take out bags in the corners, leftover food pushed under the bed and anything else that might be lurking in your kid’s room. It’s a great way to avoid late night sugar highs, too.

7. Make Sure The Room Has A Trash Can


If piles of paper and other trash are balled up throughout the corners, give the room a trash bin. It may seem a little too simple, but sometimes we forget about the basics in a kid’s room, especially once they’ve reached the age where they actually start accumulating trash. The same goes for a laundry hamper, by the way. It will be amazing to see the floor again when trash and dirty clothes aren’t taking control of the bedroom.

8. Start A Cleaning Chart


Give you child a set responsibility for each day. Maybe it’s vacuuming on Mondays and dusting on Thursdays. The bed should be made every day. If they have something to take care of in their room throughout the week, on an ongoing basis, the room stays clean and it’s never a mad rush to take care of it before company comes over. If they don’t adhere to the chart, you can always take away privileges until it’s done.

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