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Lake house rules

Some simple lake house rules that will offer guidance on how to have the perfect getaway. [ via ]    

Unusual storage places for books

If you a lot of books, storing them can be a difficult task especially in a small home. But with a little taste and inventivity you can find new additional storage places that will look not only good but will be practical too. I like the phone booth, but I would store it inside the [...]

Framing baby clothes

When babies start to grow, parents will get stuck with a lot of baby clothes that are not used. Yes, they look extremely cute but …what should they do with them? Frame the clothes! Every time you see the frame with the clothes inside…it will bring you nice memories. And you can pass them to [...]

Stylish mailbox shaped like an envelope

For the stylish readers of the blog I am presenting now an interesting mailbox sphaped like an envelope. It is made from metal ( you can choose from various colors ) and a lid opens to insert or remove the mail. In my opinion looks really good and for the price of $49 , it’s [...]

How to hold a beer on a winter day

Enjoying a beer now in the winter outside would probably freeze your fingers and enjoyment of that beer would be completely lost. The inventor of the Sküüzi came with an idea that will redefine the word geek. What is Sküüzi ? It is actually a knitted glove whose only purpose is to enable us to [...]