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Router Vase by Franco Marino Cagnina

The STC Livebox designed by Franco Marino Cagnina is a router and a vase in the same time. The device looks pretty on your desk with some flowers and also have connection for Internet, VOIP, landline phone and wired DSL. This could be very useful in a family. The man wants a router for his [...]

Cement tiles from Granada

If you want a little of traditional Latin American flair in your home you can try this gorgeus cement tiles from Granada Tiles. The tiles are made in the historic city of Granada in Nicaragua and they weave an intricate pattern on your floor to make the floor a focal point in its own right. [...]

Pillows for the flu

Flu is very annoying with all the fever and the red nose and can make you frustrated especially when you go sleeping and you can’t because you need a lot of napkins for your nose. This pillow is interesting but I think is a little weird to have some kind of napkins inside your pillow. [...]

‘New Folder’ document holder

This is the modern folder for the old fashioned way of filing which is giving you a piece of the virtual space in a real world. I like a lot the idea because the holders look very nice on your wall and of course are very practically. But maybe they are a little too expensive? [...]

Custom color liquid eyeglasses

RGB glasses filled with ink? This is for sure a thing that I WANT! Change your color as your mood is. The RGB Rainbow Glasses created by Luís Porém are completely hollow ao you can fill them inside with a “ink” or other liquid. Some words from Luís Porém : “Well, the ink it’s water [...]