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Chain Desk Lamp by Iliara Marellifre

This is one of the coolest lamps I have ever seen. Designed by Iliara Marelli, made from aluminum and lit by 4 bright white 1-watt LEDs, its articulating body folds to form an accent light when you’re not using it for illumination. When you close it , measures just 2.75″ tall but when you open [...]

Fiber Optics Cushion

For a stylish and amazing decoration of your home you can use a Luminous Cushion made of fiber optics fabric, which produces a beautiful luminous effect in darkness. The cushion is powered by standard 1.5V replaceable batteries which are hidden inside and offers power for the cushion for more than 10 hours.

New fashion for girls: Bikini Jeans

A new trend in fashion came up with the new design from Sanna’s Brazil Fashion, a Japanese clothing company. Bikini Jeans combine ultra low-cut blue jeans with an integrated string bikini bottom. The effect is nice to look at and without showing more skin than a normal bikini. They are quite inexpensive at just $88 [...]

Unique butterfly clock

Made completely from lacquered metal, the Butterfly clock lets you decide how far you want time to fly away. This unique clock will add a nice artistic and fine impression to any home. It looks like the butterflies are cut off from the watch and are flying far, far away from this busy world. The [...]

Origami Business Card

This is a business card of the future. You will be able not only share text but a 3D version of your work or products. It is ideal for architects and interior designers to present one of their projects. They were probably handmade by an origami expert and I didn’t managed to find a place [...]