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50 million dollars cruise ship hotel

Queen Elizabeth Hotel has 325 rooms and was been built to look like a cruise ship. The total cost? Around $50 million to build, and can be found “between the legendary Toros Mountains and the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean in Göynük, Antalya. Just on the first row of Shopping Center in Göynük.” The hotel’s website and [...]

Urban Suspended Farms For A Greener City

PF1 (Public Farm One) is an urban farm concept built with inexpensive recyclable materials such as cardboard tubes that form a continuous surface to offer space for growing plants in a crowded city. This could be possible one of the greatest ideas of the future regarding growing plants in a city. Because there is no [...]

How A 5 Star Demolition Party Looks Like

A ‘Demolition Party’ is a party where they VIPs are invited to smash, wreck and generally annihilate anything left standing in the building: corridors, stairways, lobbies, rooms, etc. Belgian designer and artist Arne Quinze created a temporary installation at the 5 star Parisian hotel Le Royal Monceau last month, before the hotel’s closure for a [...]

EarthShips – The Eco House of the future?

Recently I wrote an article asking my readers if they would live in an Earth House, and the success was huge, all of them liked the idea. So today I will show you more brilliant ideas of houses made from earth from around the world. Earthships are ecological houses build mostly from old tires or [...]

Would you live in an Earth House?

Earth House is a project from a swiss architect whos aim is not to live under or in the ground, but with it! The Earth House is a very flexible construction which can be built according to the wishes of its owners, being environmentally friendly construction, energy saving and it’s using the surroundings as an [...]