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Floating Box – Shop and private house project

Floating Box is an interesting architecture project by Tekuto ( I like them very much because they always deliver innovative ideas ) which includes a little shop and a private house for the owner. Most of the construction is made from steel and the interior will catch your eyes due to the fact that looks [...]

Aluminum and Concrete House by Atelier Tekuto

This intersting looking house built with a special type of aluminium is located in a suburb of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan and as per client’s request the designers created a garage on the first floor and the the living space on the second floor. Except for bedroom, bathroom and closets on the second floor, all [...]

Luxury family home in Melbourne, Australia

Property developers Lubelso, have designed the Malvern House project which is a great  family home that can be found in Melbourne, Australia. The well proportioned design makes room for everyone with three living zones, spacious bedrooms and a study and two-car garage. “The result is an open and spacious residence with clean, sleek lines. The [...]

Uvogel – A weird but interesting tiny house in Austria

Constructed initially as a holiday house, Uvogel ( the name is a combination of  UFO and Vogel – bird in German) features a minimalistic design with panoramic windows which let in an amazing amount of natural light. The exposed interior wood give the viewer a sense of warmth. It was designed by Peter Jungmann  and has only45 square meters. [...]

Inside A Spooky Abandoned Mansion

London urban explorer Andre Govia , after decided to start documenting his love of abandoned buildings, took photographs of a cold and creepy abandoned mansion in western Belgium, at the Round Mansion. The tenants are long gone but the house is still occupied by expensive furniture and ornaments, the beds are made up, although the [...]