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1938 Water House Transformed Into Incredible Home

The 30 meters water tower located in the small Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel was originally built between 1938 and 1941. Local businessman Patrick Mets hired Brussels based architecture firm Bham Design Studio in 2007 to convert the former water tower stood empty for the last decades, into a family house. The entire exterior was restored [...]

Abandoned old cement factory turned into incredible home in Barcelona

The Cement Factory was discovered in 1973 in Barcelona by architect Ricardo Bofill, it was abandoned and partially in ruins. I had over 30 silos, underground galleries and huge engine rooms; Ricardo bought it and began renovation works. The Cement Factory would be used as architectural offices, archives, a model laboratory, and exhibition space, an [...]

Fundamental Home Design Rules

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen explains the fundamentals of design in a popular BBC series. He brings into discussion real problems in real homes as he explores six themes: space, colour, light, texture and pattern, balance and order, and personality. I think the videos will open your mind about most important design principles which I hope you will [...]

Pullout balcony idea

With the price of property continuing to rise a large apartment with a nice balcony seems to be quite expensive and not so many can afford the luxury Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button. The pullout balcony idea is flexible [...]

Japanese traditional inspired house on Malibu coast

Finding a good property near the ocean and building a 4500 square foot house on a 30 by 60 square foot property is not an easy task especially when you want also a back patio, a garden and plants around the home. Influenced by japanese traditional elements , it is a project by Rockefeller Partners [...]