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Bathroom wall made from Ikea vases

The main material used for the bathroom wall is the Rektangel vase from IKEA. The vases are used as glassblocks in the design of a nice apartment located on the first floor of a historic warehouse in the center of Amsterdam. The loft is designed by Marloes van Heteren from SOLUZ and Remco Wilcke from [...]

Snail House in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Snail House is located in Simeonovo district and the construction lasted for about 10 years, ending in 2009. The idea belongs to a Bulgarian construction specialist who did not want his name disclosed. The house has 5 levels and the internal design combines ancient antique furniture with funny radiators in the shape of a [...]

Luxury Hotel : 4 Seasons George V in Paris

The legendary 4 Season hotel redefines luxurys ervice and is also an ideal place for a pleasant as well a relaxing stay. Of course if you have the money for one room because they don’t come cheap. Built in 1928, George V is located near the most famous elegant shopping junction in Paris, the Champs-Élysées. [...]

Sheraton Hotel in China

MAD Architects based in Beijing come up with a new concept, Sheraton “Huzhhou Hot Spring Spring” Hotel. Located on the shores of Lake Tai in China, this interesting structure contains nearly 321 rooms and you can admire it in the next pictures.

Beach House in Uruguay designed by Martin Gomez

Located on the coast of Uruguay, this unique beach home was designed by Argentinian architect Martín Gómez and photographed by Daniela Mac Adden. Painted with  nuances of  turquoise , the house is very open and it has a lot of personality, you can practically feel the wind going through.  I am already imagining myself drinking [...]