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Edisto Beach home designed by Jennifer Ferrell

This cozy and cute  home is designed by Jennifer Ferrell, the principal designer and owner of Riverside Designers from Charleston, South Carolina. With nuances of blue and the great view of the ocean is the perfect place to be in a nice day.

Open shower with changing landscape background

Portal shower is a concept by designer Matthew Simpson who considers that an environment which reflects nature will make your shower experience more refreshing and enjoyable. And so do I. With a screen made from an electro thermal defogging glass with clear view , that can project different natural backgrounds you can be at seaside [...]

Department of missing socks

I am convinced that there is a ghost somewhere that eats the socks from my home and I end up with a bunch of unmatched socks. I have at least 10-15 unmatched socks that are just lying soemwhere in my wardrobe. Occasionally, I find one in very strange places… Tired of the  basket with unmatched [...]

Outdoor shower paradise

I don’t have a lot of details about where is the outdoor shower located but it doesn’t really matter because if you have a garden I think you can easily create something similar. Of course, if you don’t live in a place where is warm weather all year round you need to use pots for [...]

Washed and worn wood bathroom

A bathroom with nautical inspiration made from washed and worn blue-green wood. When you look at it you can imagine that you are already inside a ship. The contrast between the roughness of the wall and modern look of the bathtub and basin looks lovely, indeed. I wonder if the wood is new or reclaimed…