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Decorate interior walls with inspirational quotes

Always  when you decorate the walls of your home most of the times people are in lack of ideas because in general there are not so many options.  But have you every think about writting on the walls inspirational quotes for you and your family members? You can put them everywhere in your house to [...]

The cleanest toilet in the world

Too bad it is just a concept…because nowadays the public toilets are not very clean. Young Sang Eun imagined this interesting design where one side features a urinal and the other a sit-down commode. You can change between the two of them with the flick of a button. What is most important about this toilet [...]

Do it yourself

Recently I bought a bathtub because I want to redesign my whole bathroom. In the end it should look similar to the picture below: I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a company to do something that I could do myself, so I started searching on Google about do it yourself tutorials [...]

Save water with Eco Bath

The project Eco Bath designed by Jang WooSeok, it’s a water saving system that uses 50% reused water and 50% fresh water for toilet flushing. The innovative system accumulates the water used to wash your hands to clean the toilet. You are not just helping in sustaining the environment, but you are conserving water in [...]

Would you eat or drink from a toilet?

In Hong Kong a new restaurant opened and it’s theme is…TOILETS! Yeah, you are going to eat from mini toilets , sit on toilets and so on. I wouldn’t like something like this because it is a little weird. Toilets are not for eating and drinking they are for something else…. Anyway if you are [...]