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Nose shower gel dispenser

What do you think about a nose that really blows?! You just squeeze or press it and a green shower gel will go out of the right nostril. It is kind of gross and kind of funny. It costs just $17.95. It is not very stylish but is interesting.

Foglio toilet basin by Ricardo Antonio

If you want something interesting and lively into your bathroom, you should checkthis unique bathroom sink designed by Ricardo Antonio. It is called the Foglio toilet basin, was designed for Brascor Countertops of Brazil and was constructed of corian.

Luxury crystal sinks from Swarovski

The demand of the market for products with crystals has lead Linkasink to create beautiful sink hand-encrusted with Swarovski crystals and Swarovski pearls on the exterior of the sink bowl. These luxury sinks are available on 3 styles of porcelain bowls with two style options: white or bronze and with crystals in different colors including [...]

Take your bath anywhere with you

Ceramist and designer Ole Jensen redesigned the idea of bath in the form of a mobile bath. Made of white EPDM rubber and cork, the soft tub was created to be a simple option for outdoor fun. Just put the water cord to your water source and the tub fills from the bottom up. Great [...]

Ripple faucet – a visual pleasure

The Ripple faucet is an idea to make a stronger visual relationship between human and water. On top of the faucet surface sits a metal ball and some electromagnetic sensors detects the ball’s position. To control the water preasure you need to move the ball in or out from the centre and moving it around [...]