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Edisto Beach home designed by Jennifer Ferrell

This cozy and cute  home is designed by Jennifer Ferrell, the principal designer and owner of Riverside Designers from Charleston, South Carolina. With nuances of blue and the great view of the ocean is the perfect place to be in a nice day.

Sleep in the middle of nature

The bedroom and the act of sleeping is intim for almost of people. But have you ever imagined how it will be to sleep in the middle of nature and the only barrier between you and the surroundings to be just a thin layer of glass? Will you feel confortable? Will you like it?

Lovely bedrooms for teenagers

When your kids grow up, the old children bedroom with toys is not suited anymore. The teenager room should also reflect his changing demands and needs. The bedroom should be functional for doing homeworks and for socializing with friends. All of the below rooms are practical, some of them featuring working spaces, small bookcases or [...]

4 Extravagant Bedrooms of the Rich and Famous

We all know that deep down inside, celebrities are just like you and me. They are normal human beings with the exception that have a lot of money and power, and did we mention that they have A LOT of money? However, being famous has its perks and being able to buy nice, expensive things [...]

Decorate interior walls with inspirational quotes

Always  when you decorate the walls of your home most of the times people are in lack of ideas because in general there are not so many options.  But have you every think about writting on the walls inspirational quotes for you and your family members? You can put them everywhere in your house to [...]