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Zombie bed set

A bed with zombie arms and some blood is the only thing that is missing from my bedroom! Although it is a little fun imagine how it will be at first when your girlfriend/wife or parents enter in your room and forget that you have a new bed set… Set includes: – duvet cover (case [...]

Alarm clock pillow

Everything around us is changing so quickly because of technology but alarms clock seems to remain almost the same. Think again!  Designed by Seung Jun Jeon, Alarm pillow, gently vibrates at the given hour, to wake you up with a buzz. If you don’t get up, your head Lose Weight Exercise acts as a trigger [...]

How much do you love your iPhone?

If your answer is “A lot!” or something similar then check out this nice bedding. It can be bought through a Swedish store and it comes with a matching pillowcase and a cover. I love the little icons!

Plant a tree…

If you are looking for an interesting decoration idea for one of your home walls you should try this Tree Vinyl Wall Decal, designed by WilsonGraphics. The tree with the dimensions of approximately 70″ tall by approximately 70″ wide could change the whole atmosphere of any room. You can see on the pictures how good [...]

Pet bed

Everybody knows that cats like to climb and sleep somewhere in the sky…so if you are looking for a cat bed this is an excelent idea.. Made from wood and looking perfect in every type of home, the pet bed can be mounted anywhere on the wall. It is especially for cats but also dogs [...]