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Angel/Devil pillows

Do you remember the article 37 pillows you probably have neverseen ? If you liked it for sure this pillows will be on your taste. Are you going to feel angelic or just that little devil tonight? This is a very silent way to send emotional signals to your partner about your feelings. The pillows [...]

Milk Glass Lamp

Sorry that I didn’t post anything in the last days because I was extremely busy. But now I am ready posting cool designs. Milk Glass LED lamp is designed to look like a glass filled with milk. The lamp lights up when placed upright and turns off when placed upside down. I think it will [...]

Pillows for the flu

Flu is very annoying with all the fever and the red nose and can make you frustrated especially when you go sleeping and you can’t because you need a lot of napkins for your nose. This pillow is interesting but I think is a little weird to have some kind of napkins inside your pillow. [...]