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Apartments with built-in garage. For millionaires only.

When you are living in a dense city, you need to allocate at least 15-30 minutes to look for a parking space available. The alternative is a private car park… KOP Properties, a real estate developer in Singapore found a solution for the problem. Of course, for the right price. Sky garage from Hamilton Scotts [...]

Weird hotel made from drain pipes

At Das Park Hotel in Austria you have the possibility to book a room made from large drain pipes. The weird hotel is situated in a public park along the Danube River.The rooms include a double bed that comes with a sleeping bag and a wool blanket, as well as and some extra storage space [...]

Tokyo, Japan after a nuclear disaster…

Have you ever wondered how will Tokyo will look like after a nuclear disaster? The illustrations from TokyoGenso will show you a Tokyo without people and overtaken by nature.

Office in the nature

We all are used working in big buildings full with little desks with people, in the middle of the city. A lot of pollution, many times a lot of noise, and not a very good view from your window, if you have one! What do you think about moving your office right in the heart [...]

A flying hotel?

Wow! A flying hotel ? The Hotelicopter is the world’s first flying hotel. It was designed with the sophisticated, affluent traveler in mind. “You’ve just taken off your belt, your shoes, your jacket, and put your laptop in a separate bin. You’re feeling a little bit – shall we say – undignified. All you want [...]