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The biggest construction project in the world has begun in…IRELAND!

Shamrock City in Dublin Bay is a project that will start soon and it looks amazing!!! Hurry up to reserve an apartment in the new city of the world!

Architecture imitates nature: Cactus Building

The designers and architects at Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects, have come up with a new office idea for the Ministery of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA) in Qatar.The idea imitates nature, a cactus to be more precise. After the construction it will be the largest concrete cactus structure in the world. They chosed this shape keeping [...]

Green flats in South Korea

Living in an urban environment has a major problem in general. The lack of green places surrounding the flats in big cities. The Dancing Apartment designed by Unsangdong Architects, is a radical structure that promises to bring nature in the urban environment. It is located in South Korea, the modern structure is capable of fulfilling [...]

Incredible Rotating Skyscraper from Dubai

Dr. David Fisher is the designer of the Dynamic Architecture – a wind-powered rotating skyscraper in Dubai. It has 420 meters high and 80 floors that can rotate independently. 48 wind turbines will be installed between each floor to make electricity for the people who will live there.

Urban forest in Beijing

In the near future, some parts of Beijing city center will look like a deep forest rather than a crowded metropolis because an international architecture competition decided on a new environmentally change to the city. After the Olympics, the pavements will look like a forest floor from permeable materials, solar panels will generate electricity and [...]