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Home sweet home in your car

swissRoomBox is an idea that fits most car and offers you the comfort and possibilities of your home everywhere you go with the car. From cooking to sleeping accessories makes your life easire. Details about the product here.

Green cars covered in grass

Why paint your car when you can cover it with real green grass? A green car is defined as a car that doesn’t pollute the environment, but some people took the ‘green’ idea to another level, they covered their cars with grass. It hasn’t anything to do with the eco concept, this people just wanted [...]

Solar forest parking lot

Because electric vehicle use is rising every year, Neville Mars has conceived an incredible charging station that takes the form of solar trees. The ‘solar forest’ serves as a source for clean renewable energy and offers shade for the parked cars while they charge. “Each of the trees in Neville Mars’s solar forest is composed [...]

Idea on how to park your car in your garden

If you don’t have enough space to park your car but you still don’t want to sacrifice your lovely garden you can combine them both with a secret underground parking. It is a very good idea to save space in urban areas. This interesting design was made by a West London resident and the final [...]

Future Ferrari

Built for speed but smart enough to drive itself. Pretty amazing, right? Will be the next Ferrari? Maybe not in the near future but possible in sometimes. Designer Iman Maghsoudi believes that driving cars in the future will be like operating a PC while traveling 200 km/h. If you drive the car at a slow [...]