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Make the roads safer

This is a great idea to reduce speed of the cars and it is very cheap also. For sure most of drivers will be fooled by this speed control sticker. What I wonder is if this ‘speed control device’ is safer, because it can make the traffic extremely slow in that portion…or maybe this is [...]

Crash Proof Concept Car

Created by Russian designer Nikita Gutsalenko, the Solid Vehicle was presented at the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design NAIAS Showcase and made a good impression for its innovative safety elements. The Solid Vehicle doesn’t have only standard means of protection like safety-belts and airbags, it has two special elements installed in front and in the back [...]

The newest version of BMW?

Not really. For now is just a concept car designed by BMW to celebrate it’s thirty year anniversary for the BMW M1. This BMW M1 Hommage has a very aggressive pose, with retro features mixed with with very modern elements. More details on Autoblog. I really really like the car and I hope it will [...]

The future of traffic lights

Hanyoung Lee is the designer of the Virtual Wall which is a plasma laser barrier showing pedestrians crossing the street. The lasers are not powerful enough to harm cars or people but the effect is enough to make drivers stop and let the pedestrians cross. A weird idea is the concept called “adlights” or “traffic [...]

Furniture made from cars

If you are a “car lover” and want something unique for decorating your living room you are in the right place. Jake Chop Shop is a company that creates interesting pieces of furniture by using car parts. The pink ‘bed’ is inspired from a 1960 Chevy Impala and it looks quite good. The bed has [...]