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Concept Car: Mazda Taiki

From Sunday, April 20, through Monday, April 28 it will take place the Beijing International Motor Show and 16 vehicles from nine model lines will be exposed on the Mazda stand, including the nice looking Mazda Taiki. Inspired by the shape and flow of wind , Mazda declared that it’s challenge was to design a [...]

Suzuki Kizashi 3

Suzuki Kizashi 3 (Kizashi means Prelude in Japanese) is a sexy concept wich is almost ready for the streets starting year 2010. It is one of the best car designs I saw lately and I hope the car form won’t change much when it will be released. The concept car is powered by a 300 [...]

Super Tipper Truck Concept

Because tipper trucks in our days can only unload their cargo just one way and the driver should maneuver the car very carefully, Haishan Deng designed a concept where door access is on all four sides. The truck have the possibility to dump its junk in any direction the driver wants. Each set of wheels [...]

Park safely in your balcony

If you are worried that your new car is not safe parked outside you can always park it in your balcony. How? Drive your car into a large lift which takes it up to your apartament balcony. A glass wall will separate your high garage from your flat while friends and family will still have [...]

Dacia Logan 2012 Version

Dacia LOGAN is the newest version of a traditional romanian car. Designer Miroslav Dimitrov imagined the 2012 year version of this car. Take a pic: