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Metal and wood modern art furniture

Israel-based designer Hilla Shamia has created a modern line of wood and aluminum pieces that strikes a balance between the beauty of raw nature and the sleek, refined edge of metal. The cast aluminum bleeds into the gaping cracks of the knotty, weathered wood in a very natural and beautiful way highlighting the contrast between [...]

Luxury sheepskin beanbag chair

A place of your own where you can read, watch TV or just listen to music and relax is very important in any home. And of course, your relaxing space can’t feature any chair. It must be very confortable and why not luxurious? The sheepskin beanbag chair is a luxury seating made from 100% genuine [...]

Pet chair by Paul Kweton

Relaxing and sharing moments with your beloved pet could be a way to eliminate stress from your life. The patent-pending Rocking-2-Gether Chair designed by Paul Kweton creates this shared moment routine between human and animal. We might see soon this beautiful chair on the market.

DIY tennis ball massage chair

Growing tree chair

The Growing Chair is a clear plastic frame in which you grow trees to form a seat shape. After it grows you can remove the frame and plant the tree in your garden, or keep the frame and use it like a real chair. I would love to have a couple of this tree chairs [...]