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Would you like a rubber chair?

Well…not made entirely of rubber, but the joints are made of rubber and the skin. The rest of the chair is made of wood or metal . You may bend and turn any way you wish, without breaking it. It is kind of interesting but I wouldn’t buy something like this because is not very [...]

Best office chairs in the world

Now the holidays are over, we must return to our offices and most of use sit on a chair all day long. The purpose of this article is to show you some office chairs with whom you might actually enjoy sitting in front of the computer all day. 1. Zero-Gee workstation 2. Daybed

A chair where you can hide

Looking at the pictures and the title above for sure you already know what this is about. The Hide chair designed by Margaret Huang & Li Yi-Hsien has two primary functions – its a chair and hiding cocoon, perfect for the office to hide from your boss. The inspiration from this chair came from the [...]

Shotgun Chair

Recently I stumbled while surfing on the Internet this shotgun chair! It is made from 388 once-fired 12 gauge shotgun shells which are gun-blued by hand on a steel frame which can be loaded with several shell types. No words about the designer or price. If somebody knows more details about this chair please leave [...]

Switch Furniture by Ellen Ectors

Designer Ellen Ectors made an interesting piece of furniture called simply Switch Table Chair . What is amazing about this design is that it can be used in many ways. You can use it like a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place all in one. Combining two geometrical shapes [...]