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Steel Chair – would you use it?

Do you want to sit on something comfortable? Something like… stainless steel?Personally I think that this chair is absolutely not comfortable at all but somebody thinks that, because he built it! The “Tube Chair” as it is called, is made from stainless steel tubes but I’m not sure how this piece of furniture will fit [...]

Chair made from old clothes

Rag Chair is designed by Tejo Remy and is layered from the contents of 15 bags of old clothes. When you buy it, arrives ready made but you can include in the design your own rags. Each piece is unique and for sure it is a concept furniture.

Chair collection by Lee Broom

Designer Lee Broom will present an interesting chair collection called Rough Diamond in London Design Festival this month. In the the collection there are 6 pieces which are antique and their design was accentuated and highlighted with lights. Personally I don’t like any piece of this collection because it is nothing spectacular about it. Just [...]

Cabbage Chair

The cabbage chair is created by an interesting method: by peeling away the layers of a roll of pleated paper one layer at a time. This chair was made by the designer Nendo for the XXIst Century Man exhibition, where the participants were asked to make furniture out of the pleated paper. Pleated paper is [...]

Papachair for father and son

Israeli designer Itay Ohaly came up with an interesting idea: Papa Chair which is a chair for son/daughter and father and “encourages interaction between parent and child”. Of course you can always use the little chair put your tea or coffee. Maybe a bigger version with two little chairs will be more interesting. Too bad [...]