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Simple Cardboard furniture

The designer Erdem Selek showed us that plain cardboard can be transform into a simple furniture, like this foldable cardboard stool. The stool is entirely made from a cardboard but for our amazing can carry a person up to 90 kg. No glues and chemicals are used to set up the stool. Smaller versions of [...]

Sponge Chair by Marcella Foschi

The designer Marcella Foschi developed this chair made from sponges while participating in the workshop of the Campana brothers in Milan. The chair is not something extraordinary and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people could make something like this or maybe create other decorative objects from sponges.

Human Chair

Him & Her chair is designed as male and female body. The design in quite original but not everything that is naked is going to be bought immediately but for sure there are people who love this chair.

Green grass furniture

The Grass Armchair and Grass Sofa are very easy to create. You will need some soil (240 litres in case of the Grass Armchair), to fill in the frame. Then you will need to spread grass seeds over the soil, press them in and put water on the soil.

Obese chairs for couch potatoes

Why is your chair obese?Maybe because it is designed for couch potatoes being very confortable to stay all day in it ? The first chair is designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth of Buckinghamshire New University which took First  place in a Furniture Design Contest. The idea behind this chair was ” inspired by the new Vitra [...]