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Gentlemen’s trunk?

When I first say the below picture I thought ‘ What a good idea”, but…do you really need something like that? Will you dress in the street? Will you change the shoes in the back of your car? The idea is good…if you can park your car inside your house…or else I don’t see any [...]

Baby carrying suit

Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket is a suit that allows you to carry your newly born baby very easiliy . If you are a parent with an active lifestyles and you want to use your hands freely then you must consider buying Peekaru. It is very confortable and looks great. I found it on [...]

How to hold a beer on a winter day

Enjoying a beer now in the winter outside would probably freeze your fingers and enjoyment of that beer would be completely lost. The inventor of the Sküüzi came with an idea that will redefine the word geek. What is Sküüzi ? It is actually a knitted glove whose only purpose is to enable us to [...]

Accessories for winter: ear beany

Wow! I have never thought in my lief about this idea, that I could have little beanies just for my ears. You know that in the winter the top of your ear starts to freeze before the rest of your ear…and this could be the solution.  It is really weird to wear them but if [...]

What do you think about a Facebook dress?

I think that these days we can say that we have it all related to Facebook. Now it is time for another Facebook dress, by Romanian designer Lana Dumitru. The “dress” is not hard to make. Basically is a piece textile material where you can print your Facebook profile. I don’t like the dress from [...]