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Would you wear a condom dress?

I have seen all kind of clothes from balloons to fruit dresses but this is the first time I find on the Internet condom dresses. Made in a creative and stylish way they are But I have some questions for the people who tried them or have some opinions. What about comfort and durability? The [...]

Cool USB Tie

I am sure that it happened to you to be at the office and need a USB stick to transfer some data. Now you can always carry a USB flash with you embedded in your tie! The tie it is made by dialog05 . It is a nice idea but it wouldn’t look very nice [...]

11 innovative jacket designs

There are a lot of jackets and clothes that you can wear but most of them are just clothes! To look good and feel confortable. But there are some designs that are simply innovative and are adding some extra features to the basic purpose of a jacket. I selected the most interesting concepts and designs [...]

Chair made from old clothes

Rag Chair is designed by Tejo Remy and is layered from the contents of 15 bags of old clothes. When you buy it, arrives ready made but you can include in the design your own rags. Each piece is unique and for sure it is a concept furniture.

Iron Fashion – Dresses made just from iron

Fashion designer Luana Jardim presented a collection of dresses, Specular, made of iron at Fashion Rio. The dresses are interesting but kind of weird… What I wonder is … if they need some reparation you need will need a welder or a blow torch?