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Paris Hilton’s dogs sleep in a better place than me

Yes this is true! The dogs owned by Paris Hilton probably have a better house than most of you! With a chandelier and even an air conditioner. With 17 chihuahuas and one Pomeranian, Paris Hilton used an old room of her house for them but now she considered that is not enough and payed 250,000 [...]

Facebook offices

Studio o+a was responsible for redesigning Facebook’s new 150,000-square-foot office at Palo Alto, California, USA. The employees were consulted to find their expectations and each department was designed in a different way “Just as people make the space on the website their own, we’ve opted to do the same with our physical space. We’ve left [...]

Innovative bookshelf

If you pay more attention to the shape of this great bookshelf design you will see that borrows a lot from the SEX word . It was designed by Arun Kumar Francis and it is very ergonomic . You can store all kinds of books in it and other objects. I would definetly buy it [...]

Cool USB Tie

I am sure that it happened to you to be at the office and need a USB stick to transfer some data. Now you can always carry a USB flash with you embedded in your tie! The tie it is made by dialog05 . It is a nice idea but it wouldn’t look very nice [...]

Very big alarm clock

Sometimes I woke up kind of hard if I stayed late the night before ( for example when I go at a party ) but the guy who invented the alarm clock from the following video definetely is a weird person. Why? Because he made something that shakes the bad you are sleeping in harder [...]