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Aquariums made from old phone booths

With the penetration of mobile phones, the old phone booths are pretty much a thing of past now. Instead of letting them go to waste an artist collaborative known as Kingyobu, from Osaka, Japan has come up with a clever idea. The five members of this collective have taken the initiative to seal the phone [...]

Green energy socket mounted on windows

A cool way to capture solar energy and use it as a plug socket for gadgets. It has a simple design and can be attached to any window but…it is possible from technological point of view? Will it have enough energy? The solution is designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, just a concept at [...]

DNA portraits

A real DNA portrait will feature your inner beauty on a frame, being a mixture between unique, novelty, scientific ingenuity and amazing beauty. It will picture your REAL DNA sequence in a variaty of styles and colors chosen by you. They don’t come cheap but you can’t find them anywhere, your personal DNA picture print [...]

Bathroom wall made from Ikea vases

The main material used for the bathroom wall is the Rektangel vase from IKEA. The vases are used as glassblocks in the design of a nice apartment located on the first floor of a historic warehouse in the center of Amsterdam. The loft is designed by Marloes van Heteren from SOLUZ and Remco Wilcke from [...]

Framing baby clothes

When babies start to grow, parents will get stuck with a lot of baby clothes that are not used. Yes, they look extremely cute but …what should they do with them? Frame the clothes! Every time you see the frame with the clothes inside…it will bring you nice memories. And you can pass them to [...]