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The school of the future

Ørestad College is the new danish school , built around an open area that can be seen from almost every floor. It looks like a big mall. It offers fields of study in science, social science and human science. The purpose of the college is to realize the 2005 reform’s aims to strengthen and renew [...]

Drink wine anytime & anywhere

Vinho Verde concept is the wine bottle of the future, or at least that the designer imagined. The idea behind this project made by Viktor Pucsek is that wine should be enjoyed anytime. A lot of times happened not to have a glass around you to drink a little wine. By incorporating folded paper cups [...]

Aeronautical engine shaped sofa

Inspired from aeronautical design, danish designer Phillip Grass, created the Accelerate Sofa. With jet engine shaped armrests it looks like a race car bed. A seat designed just for winners.

Origami Business Card

This is a business card of the future. You will be able not only share text but a 3D version of your work or products. It is ideal for architects and interior designers to present one of their projects. They were probably handmade by an origami expert and I didn’t managed to find a place [...]

Park safely in your balcony

If you are worried that your new car is not safe parked outside you can always park it in your balcony. How? Drive your car into a large lift which takes it up to your apartament balcony. A glass wall will separate your high garage from your flat while friends and family will still have [...]