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Chandeliers made with household items

Who said that cups and glasses can’t be used to decorate your home? We have here a couple of example when the designers created amazing pieces with household items. I like the glass chandelier. It looks awesome and you can store your glass on the ceiling. Cool!

Sheraton Hotel in China

MAD Architects based in Beijing come up with a new concept, Sheraton “Huzhhou Hot Spring Spring” Hotel. Located on the shores of Lake Tai in China, this interesting structure contains nearly 321 rooms and you can admire it in the next pictures.

Stylish mailbox shaped like an envelope

For the stylish readers of the blog I am presenting now an interesting mailbox sphaped like an envelope. It is made from metal ( you can choose from various colors ) and a lid opens to insert or remove the mail. In my opinion looks really good and for the price of $49 , it’s [...]

Stools made from used truck springs

Sometimes salvaged objects look a little visually forced after they end up in our homes but the truck springs from the below project that were transformed in stools look like a standalone design from the beginning.  I like them with their raw look without any treatment but if you want another color don’t hesitate to [...]

Mr. Wong restaurant in Sydney,Australia

Mr. Wong, a Chinese restaurant full of elegance and authenticity, brings the glamour of 1930s Shanghai to Sydney’s business district. The building in which is situated is a former australian nightclub and retains some of the fabric of the earlier usage.Bamboo chairs,battered brickwork,ceiling fans and an Oriental female portrait which dominates one wall create a [...]