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Coffee table made from a log slice

Most of people around here own some furniture and tables made from wood. Tree decor is everywhere these days so I found a nice weekend project to build a small coffee table from a log slice. Wouldn’t be amazing to see the bark and count the rings to find the age of the tree? The [...]

Pebbles in the house

Pebbles are most of the times overlooked when thinking about do-it-yourself projects. That is why I will present in the next lines two nice projects where the stars are ordinary pebbles. 1. Pebbles filled tray A pebbles filled tray will make the perfect resting place for your boots in rainy or winter time. Snow will [...]

Framing baby clothes

When babies start to grow, parents will get stuck with a lot of baby clothes that are not used. Yes, they look extremely cute but …what should they do with them? Frame the clothes! Every time you see the frame with the clothes inside…it will bring you nice memories. And you can pass them to [...]

Pencil vase

When you are in the supermarket for the daily groceries don’t forget to buy some extra pencils. You can use them to decorate a vase like the one in the below picture. If you want to put artificial plants/flowers inside you don’t need to have a glass vase in interior but if you want to [...]

Idea to decorate an unfinished basement ceiling

A creative way to cover the unfinished basement ceiling: use some materials you don’t need and hang them on the celiling.