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Turn an old suitcase into a medicine cabinet

The conversion of an old suitcase into a medicine cabinet is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments! Cut the front of the suitcase and insert a mirror. Create some shelves and reinforce the inside with salvaged wood. Done. You just need to find a place where to put it. I think [...]

Stools made from used truck springs

Sometimes salvaged objects look a little visually forced after they end up in our homes but the truck springs from the below project that were transformed in stools look like a standalone design from the beginning.  I like them with their raw look without any treatment but if you want another color don’t hesitate to [...]

Department of missing socks

I am convinced that there is a ghost somewhere that eats the socks from my home and I end up with a bunch of unmatched socks. I have at least 10-15 unmatched socks that are just lying soemwhere in my wardrobe. Occasionally, I find one in very strange places… Tired of the  basket with unmatched [...]

That’s what I call a real family tree!

Pictures with our loved family  shouldn’t stay closed in a photo album! Find a tree branch that is somehow flat and can be put on a wall and hang your familiy pictures there. For a better effect the pictures should be black and white or with sepia filter. Looks great, isnt’ it?

Best time in your life

While surfing on the net I encountered today an interesting project: pictures and clocks, stopped on childrens’ times of birth. Blissimagesandbeyond did a good job implementing the idea. 3 kids with 8×10 photos, matted to 11×14 frames and three cheap and good looking clocks.  The clocks were bought from Amazon, are from plastic and don’t [...]