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Bottles used for home design

A different use of bottles except wine and beer storage.  Together with tires,cans and other recycled materials they can bring to your house or garden a very unique touch.  Use bottles of different shapes and colors for maximum effect. 1) An arts center in Deep Ellum, Texas

Clever use of trays

A clever use of trays that will make your home space better organized. I bet most of you have unused things just laying around the house.

Chandelier made from recycled stuff

Remove the original cover of a chandelier and replace it with old stuff that you no longer use. Brush, medals, pieces of paper that look interesting, everything that catches the attention.

2 ideas to transform your old magazines or newspapers in stools

I bet most of us have old magazines or newspapers that are occupying precious space in our  beloved homes. Instead of throwing them or make a trip at the recycle center there are 2 ways to use the old paper in a clever way. You can built stools that will become a nice decoration for [...]

Art in the garden – colored glass marbles in your fence

Gardens shouldn’t be boring. They should be a good looking place to relax. So that is why there is on Internet a lot of articles about art in the garden. The folowing DIY project is one of my favorite: Marbles in a fence. I would recommend using new marbles from the shop because vintage marbles [...]