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Interesting bottle fence

An awesome do it yourself fence that will attract the attention of all your neighbors and visitors. Drill a hole in each bottle and run a reinforcing bar through it. Easy to make and good looking.  You can use any type of bottle but more colors and shapes will make it look better.

Flower bed in the garden

Don’t have any information regarding this interesting flower bed but looks relative easy to make in your back garden.

Wool stone rug

I recently come across with a nice DIY project featured on Crafster forum , a stone rug made from balls out of stash of leftover wool. It was created with a combination of hand and machine felting, and the stones were sewed together by hand with a nylon twine. It looks sturdy, cushy and for [...]

Garden step used as nightstand

Using unexpected pieces of furniture in your home, like a garden step used as a nightstand, give an interesting look to your home. And the old paint makes a nice vintage piece.

Hanging candle cover made from bottle

Easy to made and looking interesting, this ‘candle bottle’ will illuminate your garden in a nice and soft way. Imagine a couple of them hanging near the house.