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Synthetic grass sandals

If you like the feeling of having your feet touching freshly cut grass at all times I am happy to announce you that now the problem is solved with these grass sandals. Unfortunatelly they are made from durability high quality synthetic grass and not from real grass. But would this be possible? To make them [...]

Share this article if you think we should have a greener city!

Most of us have personal cars and use them everyday…but have you ever thought how much space on the streets will we “save” and by how much we will reduce global warming just by using a bus to go to work everyday or the bike in the summer? Share this article among your friends to [...]

Garden House

Located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, the Meera House created by Guz Architects tries to make better the interaction between gardens and your house. “The plots are not large and neighboring buildings are built close to the sides of each house. Rolling green rooftop gardens grow burgeoning grasses that expand the property’s lawns [...]

Green cars covered in grass

Why paint your car when you can cover it with real green grass? A green car is defined as a car that doesn’t pollute the environment, but some people took the ‘green’ idea to another level, they covered their cars with grass. It hasn’t anything to do with the eco concept, this people just wanted [...]

Bubble House – Always on the move

If you are always on the move I think the concept called “Bubble House” which was developed by MMAs students of architecture, Patricia Muniz and G. Luciano Alfaya, and the artist Chas Cyprian, could be foe YOU. The Bubble measures 2 X 2 X 2 meters and is offering enough room for a small kitchen, [...]