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Make the urban jungle a little bit greener

Our cities are becoming every day more and more filled with concrete and less and less greener. But Korean designer Ji-Hye Koo has come up with an idea to cover the painted lines on the streets with Nature On A Tape concept. And the grass will grow on the tape making the city more beautiful. [...]

Green flats in South Korea

Living in an urban environment has a major problem in general. The lack of green places surrounding the flats in big cities. The Dancing Apartment designed by Unsangdong Architects, is a radical structure that promises to bring nature in the urban environment. It is located in South Korea, the modern structure is capable of fulfilling [...]

Urban forest in Beijing

In the near future, some parts of Beijing city center will look like a deep forest rather than a crowded metropolis because an international architecture competition decided on a new environmentally change to the city. After the Olympics, the pavements will look like a forest floor from permeable materials, solar panels will generate electricity and [...]

Eco lamp – mouse pad with little garden

Called ‘Sensory Lamp’ and designed by Sara Rossbach this mouse pad – lamp wants to create a closer connection between our work environments with nature for better workdays. By slowly modifieing the color and intensity throughout the day the lamp mimics natural light cycles and with the grass that grows from the base of the [...]

Mobile home with wheels

The mobile home concept by Tom Kundig is named Rolling Huts and is several steps above camping but remains low-tech and low-impact on the environment. Each house is constructed from a 200 square-foot steel clad box that sits on a steel and wood platform that extends the structure with 240 square feet of covered deck [...]