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Styrofoam Houses – the habitat for the 21st century

People are starting for looking unconventional resources as potential building materials. The company Japan Dome House Co., Ltd. has created an “easy to assemble” modular home building kit that uses Styrofoam as a basic material. It creates an igloo-shaped home. Made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam, the Dome House can be called the habitat for [...]

Green China for 2008 Summer Olympics

In preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympics Beijing people designed great sculptures portraying a greener version of China than we are used to seeing every day. In the last few decades China has become a country of consumption which lead to devastating environmental consequences. So what is China doing about these serious environment issues? Is [...]

Urban Suspended Farms For A Greener City

PF1 (Public Farm One) is an urban farm concept built with inexpensive recyclable materials such as cardboard tubes that form a continuous surface to offer space for growing plants in a crowded city. This could be possible one of the greatest ideas of the future regarding growing plants in a city. Because there is no [...]

How a $86 million garden looks like

Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, started a project that became one of the most ambitious public gardens created in Europe since World War II. Only two thirds of the project, has been built so far, at a cost of about $86 million, most of which came from public financing and private donations. Jacques Wirtz, [...]

Green grass furniture

The Grass Armchair and Grass Sofa are very easy to create. You will need some soil (240 litres in case of the Grass Armchair), to fill in the frame. Then you will need to spread grass seeds over the soil, press them in and put water on the soil.