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Ethernet Cable Fashion

The design that you see was made by students of the Pontificia Bolivariana University in Medellin. I’m not sure if this are ethernet cables but for sure this reminds me of them and large data centers with a lot of equipments.

Stylish Dog Bag

The Puppoose is a cool gadget for everyone who wants to carry their dogs in a stylish way. Designed by Shannon Beach this bag allows you to easily transport your dog.  It comes with 4 adjustable straps, neck cushion for your comfort, and security strap that will ensure the safety of your pet. If they [...]

What do you think about a Facebook dress?

I think that these days we can say that we have it all related to Facebook. Now it is time for another Facebook dress, by Romanian designer Lana Dumitru. The “dress” is not hard to make. Basically is a piece textile material where you can print your Facebook profile. I don’t like the dress from [...]

Interesting high-heels shoes…

Fashion is something that you cannot understand and designers create unique pieces everytime for the delight of  buyers and viewers. But sometimes fashion go crazy and creates something like this:\

Would you wear a condom dress?

I have seen all kind of clothes from balloons to fruit dresses but this is the first time I find on the Internet condom dresses. Made in a creative and stylish way they are But I have some questions for the people who tried them or have some opinions. What about comfort and durability? The [...]