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Watermelon bags for women

In the last years in our society started to be a big demand for nature inspired things because people suffer from nature deficit, most of us living in big cities, where nature misses. Because we are hungry for freshness, the purpose of this bag is to “satisfy “us. By the way, it is made by [...]

Can you really make fashion from anything?

YES, WE CAN! Or that is the impression that the creations of Robin Barcus Slonina give us. I have never seen such kind of dresses anywhere else. Not even on the internet, until now. So if you think that wearing a dress made of pinecons for example or chip cards is cool check out the [...]

11 innovative jacket designs

There are a lot of jackets and clothes that you can wear but most of them are just clothes! To look good and feel confortable. But there are some designs that are simply innovative and are adding some extra features to the basic purpose of a jacket. I selected the most interesting concepts and designs [...]

Custom color liquid eyeglasses

RGB glasses filled with ink? This is for sure a thing that I WANT! Change your color as your mood is. The RGB Rainbow Glasses created by Luís Porém are completely hollow ao you can fill them inside with a “ink” or other liquid. Some words from Luís Porém : “Well, the ink it’s water [...]

Ten unique and weird pieces of furniture

Sometimes fashion and designs tend to be a little weird but very interesting to look at or to have them near you. So here there are one of the most weird and unique pieces of furniture. Some of them will scare the friends coming to visit you, some will put an unknown taste on their [...]