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Soccer Ball Bag

Abteil, the german bag maker, has invented the soccer ball bag specifically for female soccer fans. What is amazing is that they are made from real balls used for soccer training. For sure all the guys will like it and will stop you for asking something.

Iron Fashion – Dresses made just from iron

Fashion designer Luana Jardim presented a collection of dresses, Specular, made of iron at Fashion Rio. The dresses are interesting but kind of weird… What I wonder is … if they need some reparation you need will need a welder or a blow torch?

Beautiful animal inspired hair hats fashion

Sometimes when you see something amazing, you are being instantly confused but still can’t take the eyes out from it. That is exactly the effect of these weird and beautiful animal-inspired hair hats designed by Japanese art director Nagi Noda. Remember that this girls don’t wear artificial hats, this is their own hair and a [...]

David’s naked shorts

OK…this is kind of weird. With this shorts it is said you will be a modern replica of David’s statue sculpted by Michelangelo.

Nike sneakers which detects Wifi hotspots

This is for sure the new trend in fashion geekiness. A Step in the Right Direction is it’s name and was designed by mstrpln in collaboration with Ubiq boutique.