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Rock – Modular shelf

Philippe Macaigne, a designer from France, invented Rock, which is an interesting modular storage system that can be used on the ground or mounted on the wall. It is available in a pack of 5 modules numbered from 1 to 48 and available in two colors. Each pack has 3 modules monochrome and 2 modules [...]

Innovative bookshelf

If you pay more attention to the shape of this great bookshelf design you will see that borrows a lot from the SEX word . It was designed by Arun Kumar Francis and it is very ergonomic . You can store all kinds of books in it and other objects. I would definetly buy it [...]

DIY tennis ball massage chair

Tennis ball furniture

It is called the “Tennis Ball Bench” and is…a bench made from ordinary tennis balls…It is in limited edition, designed for the Digital Depot of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. The designers are Tejo Remy and RenĂ© Veenhuizen and the dimensions of this furniture: 46 x 150 x 130 cm. The prices is [...]

Growing tree chair

The Growing Chair is a clear plastic frame in which you grow trees to form a seat shape. After it grows you can remove the frame and plant the tree in your garden, or keep the frame and use it like a real chair. I would love to have a couple of this tree chairs [...]