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Multifunctional stool

Sit on a stool and under your butt put your books…Hmmmz. This is the idea behind the ‘multifunctional stool’ designed by Can Onart, Elissa Myres & Bethany Casperite. The deep U-s shapes hold big books comfortably! It was made by bending and molding the 8 layers of industrial gray felt ,stuck with epoxy resin, and [...]

Tree furniture

Peter Cook and Becky Northey began shaping plum tree since 1995 when they met, into living art they call Pooktre. During their first year they started shaping the young trees into a coffee table and a mirror frame. Over the years the trees were shaped and formed into tables, hat and coat racks, chairs, beds, [...]

A bench made from nails…

If someone tells you about a bench or bed made from nails you of course think about torture…but the designer of the bench we are presenting now inverts that association with a smooth, curved and rippled surface for comfortable seating. It was intended as works of art but it can be used as functional furniture [...]

Deadly Closet

The deadly closet is not from a killer’s home, it is inspired from the classic magic trick of sticking knives in a box where is a woman. The closet features wooden “swords” that can be slide in the unit as supports or racks for clothes. Too bad that it is not very good looking to [...]

Mickey Mouse TV stand for kids

The Mickey Mouse TV stand is perfect for kids and it is a great wall system for your flat-screen TV. But wait that is not all! Your kids can keep their collection of favourite CDs and DVDs accessible . The TV stand is from Pacini Cappellini and it is constructed from lacquered MDF. It also [...]