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Home sweet home in your car

swissRoomBox is an idea that fits most car and offers you the comfort and possibilities of your home everywhere you go with the car. From cooking to sleeping accessories makes your life easire. Details about the product here.

Power nap gadget

“A power nap is a short sleep which terminates before the occurrence of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the subject. ” ( Wikipedia ) With the gadget in the following pictures you can take a nap everywhere you wish and when you feel tired, at work, in the aiport, on [...]

Home window to see every landscape you want

I bet that most of you don’t have a gorgeous landscape that you see from your window. But with Winscape you can fix that. You basically need just 2 HD displays and Winscape software. Oh…I forgot…you can control what you see with your iPhone! What landscape would you like to see from your window?

Camp fire grill

Any camp fire becomes spectacular by putting the camp fire grill on it. A foodsafe steel plate is lasercut and pressed into a 3D pattern by the innovative technique of rubber pressing. Tjeerd Veenhoven thinks designing is all about experimenting. Every product has an unlimited amount of starting points and will be shaped into a [...]

Useless machine to annoy your guests

You can put this machine on your living room table and for sure some of your guests will ask what is it. You will tell them that if they can turn off the switch( without distroying the machine ) you will give them something. I wonder who will win… You can find instructions on how [...]