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What every man wants in his bed

Sometimes innovation and inventions are going a little to far and some people will have devices like the one in the following video. Would you like to have a TV like this in your home? I prefer the normal one. Cheaper and not so complicated…

The cups of the future?

Well…maybe yes, maybe no, but they are concepts for now and looks really useful. Most of the cups in the present are really simple and don’t do anything else except serving for the purpose of drinking. You can check here ten creative cups of the future.

Cool PC Vase

A PC could not look very well in your home, it depends how is your interior design. But where a PC does not fit, for sure a PC Vase will integrate. The PC Vase is made by Taiwanese PC manufacturer ECS They have managed to put a PC inside a vase. it features an Intel [...]

Do we really need Swarovski Crystal light switches?

Although this design it is the winner of the “Design Plus Award 2008″ I can ask myself the question if we really need this kind of objects just to show off? It looks good but in my opinion is just a waste of money… It can be used not only as a switch to turn [...]

Swine Flu protection gadget at your office

Most people in the red zones of swine flu decided to wear protection masks. But if you want fresher air you must use an USB powered mask. The mask is made from silicon and is very comfortable it has fans on either side which draw in fresh air and purify it for breathing. However the [...]