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The biggest media center remote control

This is for sure largest Media Center Remote Control probably in the world. Developers from combined a couple of Dance Dance Revolution mats for the PS2, a large Brookstone universal remote, a converter box and some programming code, to create this gigantic remote control. It is operated by moving your foot on the mat.

Light your way with your umbrella!

LightDrops is a unusual imbrella designed by Sang-Kyun Park and as water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops is transformed into electrical energy which is powering embedded LEDs on your umbrella. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light. Interesting idea especially when you are out without a flashlight but…if it is not [...]

OLED Christmas Tree

The engineers from the OLED Research team at GE prepared a special Christmas Tree build from OLEDs. The tree is comprised of a long run fabrication roll of OLEDs 6-inches wide by 15-feet long that was then wrapped around a stand to make a green, brightly lit Christmas Tree.

Router Vase by Franco Marino Cagnina

The STC Livebox designed by Franco Marino Cagnina is a router and a vase in the same time. The device looks pretty on your desk with some flowers and also have connection for Internet, VOIP, landline phone and wired DSL. This could be very useful in a family. The man wants a router for his [...]

Alcohol drink pipe and the “drinks will flow”

Created by Swedish designers for a Beefeater competition this cool object can solve a bar’s issue in the speed of serving customers. The design team ‘From Us With Love‘ won the competition. I don’t think if this device will be very util but is funny to use in bar or maybe in a student’s party.