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Indoor Picnic idea by Haiko Cornelissen

The interesting picNYC Table is a design made by  Haiko Cornelissen to add a unique air to your living-room. “The picNYC table is fully made out of high-end light weight aluminum that is cut, folded, bolted and welded together by an American manufacturer specialized in aluminum products. Beside grass, other plants or materials can be [...]

Hanging rest place

Called NESTREST, it is a little suspended sanctuary, the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. It is made from a new, specially created DeDon Fiber, four centimeters wide, guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave that is open and breathabl. The creators are Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, two of Paris’s most intriguing design [...]

Small and compact house for your garden

If you need an independent space from day to day house activities, a little space for reading, playing, listening to music, etc the project that I am going to present next is perfect. Designed by architect Alberto Gonzalez, the small shelter is easy to make, cheap and will make you as well as your children [...]

Cool moss and concrete sculptures

“Terraform Stulpture” by Robert Cannon, a Yale graduate interested in Architecture,  is a new idea in the form of sculptures that grow, a definition of living decorations. It is a very nice piece for every garden regarding that the moss grows and for the gardner is interesting to observe. Which one do you like? I [...]

Future Singapore gardens

This wild and fantastic design came up by the studios Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter which designed it for an international competition for the Singapore government. It coveres 101 hectares of land and encompassing a park, the waterscape and a marina. Officially is going to be opened in 2011. I am sure that will be [...]